Helpful, Free Traveling Abroad Apps

Traveling abroad can be fairly intimidating. It is easy to get into a situation where there is a language barrier or you make a fool of yourself when trying to pay with a currency you are not familiar with. I have found that using apps on my phone helped me to be successful. Specifically, I’ve used the three FREE apps listed below to help my trip to Guatemala run a little more smoothly.

OANDA Currency Converter

 If you’ve ever used currency other than the American dollar; you can probably agree that it is slightly tricky to understand. This app allows you to type in the different currencies you are using and the amounts. With the click of a button, you can convert to see the equivalent of the starting currency to the second currency. I found in Guatemala that some of the locals will try to raise prices because they know you are a foreigner. This app can help protect you from overpaying. I highly recommend this easy-to-use app!


Free WiFi Finder

If you are out of the country, it is very likely that your phone plan does not cover calls, texts or data. If you use it anyways, you will get charged BIG TIME. I suggest upgrading your phone plan for the duration of your trip or check out Free WiFi Finder. As you can probably guess from the name, this app allows you to find spots near you with local, free WiFi. If you type in the location of where you’ll be, you can save the different locations with wifi in advance (so you will not have to use data or find other wifi while using the app). Everyone loves free WiFi.


Google Translate

This is a lifesaver if you are like me and you only know English. Google Translate allows you to translate languages via written, spoken or using images. For example, you can take a picture of a sign and Google Translate will translate it all for you. Another wonderful addition is that you do not need internet connection to use this app. This app is a must have!

What apps have you found helpful to use while traveling? Feel free to comment below.

Get out there and explore.


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