How to Pass Time on a Road Trip

We can all relate to being in the car for what feels like forever. I’ve driven from the Midwest region to New York (15 hours), Texas (20+ hours), and Tennessee (10.5 hours). The feeling of my back stiffening more with each minute and having my knees crammed into the seat in front of me have become all too familiar. Here are some tips that helped me survive the long car rides:

  •  Music. This is probably the most obvious, yet most useful tip for passing the time. Make a playlist; or better yet, make several playlists. It works best if you have several smaller playlists separated by genre, artist or speed instead of one giant playlist.
    • I love to use Spotify to create new playlists and find new music. Spotify also offers premium for a small fee (plus a student discount); allowing you to listen to music while being offline. Rock on.



  • Naps. There really isn’t a need to go into depth on why naps are a good idea (because everyone knows it that they are always a good idea). The only suggestion I have is to invest in a neck pillow, ear plugs (depending on how loud your fellow passengers are) and an eye mask. Trust me, I am an expert when it comes to taking naps.


  • Play Games. My favorite game to play is “Would You Rather?” because it can lead to lots of laughs and conversation starters that would never occur otherwise. For more game ideas, check out BuzzFeed’s “14 Road Trip Games Adults Will Actually Enjoy”.
    • Never played “Would you Rather?” Click here for a quick rundown of how to play!


What is the longest car ride you’ve ever experienced? What did you do to keep yourself occupied? Leave a comment and let me know!


Get out there and explore.


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