Top 5 Reasons to Travel

I don’t know about you, but I take any chance I have to get out of my boring, old town. I believe that each place you travel unlocks a part of you that you never knew you had. Here are the top five reasons why I think EVERYONE (yes, everyone) should travel.

5. Change up the scenery in your life. Being from Wisconsin, I think I’ve seen enough cornfields, trees, and snow to last me a lifetime. Traveling exposes you to things, people and places you never would have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. You will never be able to pick a banana off a banana tree in Wisconsin or go downhill skiing in New York City.

4. Exit your comfort zone. Have you ever been to a different country? When I think of my time in Guatemala, I remember the differences. The language, housing, driving, ethnicity, food, and currency are just a few examples of things that were different. Being out of your comfort zone makes you realize your values and fears really quickly! More importantly, it helps you become more accepting to those who are different than you. We are all people.


3. Food, food, and probably some more food. Traveling allows you the opportunity to try the specialty foods of the area. For example, the South has the best BBQ, just like Wisconsin has the best cheese. Side note: I feel like Wisconsinites should be embarrassed of our obsession with cheese but we aren’t.

2. Follow the tips and tricks to make trips inexpensive. There are tons of ways people have discovered how to travel, eat and sleep for cheap while on a trip. I completely understand the struggle of having no money. I promise you, it is possible to travel on a low budget. For some college students, don’t go out every weekend and you’ll save up money you didn’t know you had!

1. Learn valuable life skills that will stick with you through life. Be flexible – plans change ALL the time when you travel. Be patient – your plane will be delayed 99% of the time. Be accepting – people from different areas have different ways of life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Get out there and explore.


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