How to Pass Time on a Road Trip

We can all relate to being in the car for what feels like forever. I’ve driven from the Midwest region to New York (15 hours), Texas (20+ hours), and Tennessee (10.5 hours). The feeling of my back stiffening more with each minute and having my knees crammed into the seat in front of me have become all too familiar. Here are […]

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Who Should I Travel With?

‘Tis the season for spring break! I recently traveled to Texas (which is beautiful, by the way) on my spring break with my roommates Kayla, Jenna and Amy. I had a lot of time on the drive down to think about what my next blog post should be about (20 hours to be exact). In that time, I […]

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First Time Traveler Tips

It’s a scary feeling to plan, pack and travel to your first destination that is miles and miles away from home. Here are some tips for you to consider for your first adventure! Have a super duper flexible plan. Make a list of what you want to accomplish when you’re on your trip. Then, prioritize the list. Plans […]

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